Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM)


Reduce Downtime

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  • Transformation of plant and equipment maintenance from scheduled to smart predictive basis.

  • Increases overall productivity and decreases downtime.

  • Extends equipment life and reduces waste.


Predictive Analytics detects and warns of abnormal process events by comparing historical patterns with live data.

Predictive Analytics anticipates and notifies impending failures and breakdown for maintenance to be undertaken at the appropriate time.

ECM continuously monitors process drifts and instabilities for feedback enabling adjustments to improve production efficiency.


  • Predictive Maintenance in Factories (Study by McKinsey);

    • Reduces Downtime by up to 50 percent,

    • Saves maintenance costs from 10 percent and 40 percent.

  • Reduces product wastage by early warning of abnormalities and deviation of process events.

  • Extends plant and equipment life by providing continuously feedback on equipment conditions for timely corrective actions and maintenance.