Cyber-Security Management (CSM)


 Cyber Attack

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  • Defines and setups cyber-defense management plan and strategy to mitigate cyber threats. 

  • Manages the risk of scams, critical data thief, security threats and damages to business and reputation from using the internet and cloud for business.


Identifies and prioritizes the critical networks, systems and data of company and customers and establishes measures for protection and backup.

Enables timely identification of cybersecurity attacks and breaches and determines the security measures to mitigate them.

Highlights the significance of staff awareness training as a crucial defense and pinpoints ares vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Devises incident response strategy in anticipation of cyberattack and prepares risk mitigation strategy to foster cyber resilience.


  • Prevents data loss, improves security measures, protects the network services and manages and controls the active data of company and customers.

  • Safeguards proprietary information and production data from being stolen.

  • Reduces revenues losses due to attacks on systems that can cause complete platform shutdown that preventing engagements with clients, online purchases and transactions.

  • Protects clients’ data breaches and thief, thus building confidence, trust and loyalty from customers