Productivity Efficiency Robot (PER)


Increase Production Output

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  • Empower your workforce with collaborative robots (cobots) to boost productivity and optimize workflows.

  • Free human workers from tedious and physically demanding tasks for higher-value activities.

  • Drive significant efficiency gains while improving safety and ergonomics in the workplace.


Deployment of versatile cobots designed for seamless integration with human workers.

Intuitive programming interfaces for easy task customization and training.

Advanced sensors and safety features for secure and collaborative workspace interaction.

Real-time performance monitoring and data analytics for continuous optimization.


  • Increase production output by up to 20% (Study by IFR).

  • Reduce labor costs by up to 15% (Study by McKinsey).

  • Improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover through enhanced working conditions.

  • Minimize workplace injuries and musculoskeletal disorders by eliminating heavy lifting and repetitive tasks.

  • Unlock new automation possibilities and adapt to changing production demands with flexible cabot solutions.