Overall Equipment Effectiveness


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  • Provides roadmap for production and management to eliminate plant and equipment losses and wastages.

  • Improvement of manufacturing productivity and efficiency through measurements of actual plant and equipment availability, rate of performance and product quality and wastage.


Enables manufacturing performance visualization, displaying the current production status for AVAILABILITY, PERFORMANCE, and QUALITY of plant and equipment.

Facilitates comparison between actual and theoretical values for plant and equipment availability, performance rate, product quality, and wastage. Aids in enhancing manufacturing productivity and efficiency.



  • Identifies losses, progress, and pathways to improve equipment and plant productivity.

  • Provides measurable data that enable production increments to be made to ensure a good Return on Investment (ROI) on invested machineries.

  • Data from OEE enables operators to identify weaknesses or bottlenecks within production to reduce losses and increase efficiency thus increasing competitiveness.

  • Live data of equipment status can efficiently anticipate events of machine failures and preventive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime, planned stops duration and machinery cost.