Collaborative Robotics (COR)


Higher Accuracy Compared to Human

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  • Transform your operations with unmatched precision and dexterity: Achieve 5x higher accuracy compared to human workers.

  • Go beyond human limitations: Eliminate product defects by 30% and minimize material waste through pinpoint accuracy.

  • Unlock new automation possibilities: Boost production output by 25% and throughput by 40%.


Advanced multi-jointed robotic arms: Enable complex and intricate task execution with superior flexibility and reach.

High-precision sensors and actuators: Guarantee consistent product quality through unrivaled accuracy and repeatability.

Intuitive programming interfaces: Empower human-robot collaboration with fast and effortless task programming and customization.

Seamless integration: Ensure smooth adoption and maximized ROI with integration into existing machinery and production workflows.


  • Reduce rework costs by 20%: Eliminate product defects and inconsistencies through exceptional accuracy.

  • Boost profitability and market competitiveness: Increase production output and throughput with faster cycle times.

  • Promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact: Minimize material waste and optimize resource utilization.

  • Expand production capabilities and market reach: Automate complex and delicate tasks previously impossible for humans.

  • Foster customer trust and loyalty: Enhance overall product quality and brand reputation.