EcoSMART, with more than 30 years of industrial process controls and automation experiences within its group is leveraging with strategic partners to help spearhead the digital transformation of Vietnam’s industrial manufacturing sector.

From deep understanding of the industry’s needs, EcoSMART has designed a holistic and systematic approach to Industry4.0 implementation with ROI criteria for benefits achievable measurement. It is providing modular and integral solutions that can be adopted on a step-by-step basis from low-tech to high-tech stack allowing time for learning and adjustment ensuring successful implementations.

Vai trò của IoT trong ngành xây dựng


EcoSMART aspires to be the leader in providing Industry4.0 digital transformation solutions to the industrial sector of Vietnam to support the country’s aspiration to be the regional leading digital economy and to help transform the country to a high-income nation.


The world is currently witnessing the starting of 4th Industrial revolution that is evolving at an exponential space. Its digital technologies are enabling and empowering the transformation of entire systems of production, management and governance, and will affect every aspects and levels of business and society.

EcoSMART has equipped and is positioning itself to support, facilitate and enable this technological transformation for the local businesses and society to render them productive, efficient and internationally competitive.

EcoSMART has designed modular, bottom-up and integral digital transformation systems and solutions for industries to embrace and implement the industry4.0 technologies on a holistic and systematic step-by-step basis.

EcoSMART is the first and only set-up in the region to deploy a real-life process plant to demonstrate and provide practical hands-on knowledge on Industry 4.0 digital transformation solutions to upskill and train leaders, managers and supervisors so that they can support the Industry4.0 transformation in their enterprises.

EcoSMART has formed partnerships with international tech (software, hardware and applications and training) organizations namely Advantech International, iTrain-Asia Singapore and MIMOS Malaysia to provide support on validated industry4.0 technologies and applications.



  • Has experience in implementing energy monitoring projects for various manufacturing plants, with different types of energy sources.
  • Combines IT and OT knowledge in an IoT solution to provide the most optimal efficiency for customers.
  • Offers 24/7 support services after implementing solutions promptly.


  • Comprises engineers specialized in IT, application programming, and network administration.
  • Has experience in structured language SQL database management.
  • Possesses programming experience in mobile applications and web services.


  • Boasts years of experience in consulting and implementing applications in factory processes.
  • Receives regular training, both domestically and internationally, from various industry experts.
  • Offers a dedicated team of personnel providing a wide range of technical services to clients.